About Us

Anime Syracuse, based in Syracuse, NY, is a fan-run, non-profit organization with an interest in promoting anime, manga, gaming, internet & Asian cultural activities in Central New York State.

Our Mission

1)  To provide the anime fan community with local opportunities for socialization and entertainment particular to out interests,
2)  To provide residents and visitors to Central New York with unique entertainment experiences, beneficial both culturally and economically.

Our Members

Our members are made up of a diverse group of fans from several counties across the Central New York State region.  Ages range from students to decades long fans (who are now raising their own little Otaku!).  Members have a variety of interests including collecting manga, designing cosplay, producing AMVs, and creating artwork.  Members also enjoy related subcultures like gaming, comics, and collectables, as well as a variety of other outside interests.

Our Activities

Anime Syracuse works to provide a wide range of activities, the pinnacle of which is the Anime Syracuse Festival held each year.  We hold monthly meetings to screen new and classic anime titles, as well as provide a social setting for fans to meet and mingle.  We have been involved with other conventions, such as the manga library we sponsored at the Syracuse Heroes Expo comic convention.  We also arrange group outings to local events (most recently the Fathom screenings of animated and live action anime titles), as well as rideshare and roomshare opportunities for fans traveling to other outside-area conventions.

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of a small but merry group of volunteers.  Their backgrounds come from a variety of industries and their fan experiences and interests are even more varied.

Our Future

Anime Syracuse will continue our relationship with the historic Palace Theater in Eastwood as we plan several screenings throughout the year.  We look forward to developing further relationships with other area organizations and charities in order to provide more cross-promotional activities.  If your organization is interested in co-sponsoring an event, please contact us!

Get Involved!

In order for us to meet the needs of area fans we need your help!  Full scale events require lots of hard work, so the more people able to roll up their sleeves and join in, the more we can achieve.  To volunteer you may email us, post an inquiry on our forum or simply show up to our next scheduled monthly meeting.

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